Gavin Andresen
(aka Gavin Bell)*

April 24, 2002: It's a boy!

An informal resume, with lots of links to various things.
Gavin at the Grand Canyon Opinions
A space for me to vent; my own little soap-box on the Web.
A short autobiography; a little about who I am and where I'm from.

Zform logoI'm the CTO of ZForm. Not only do I get to work on fun software, but I get to feel good about what I'm doing. ZForm's mission is to create games that let blind and sighted people play together online. Our first product, ZForm Poker, is now available.

SkyPaint logoA while ago I created SkyPaint, a tool for painting 360-degree, wrap-around panoramas. Read all about it, or download a trial copy of it here.

* I changed my name from "Gavin Bell" to "Gavin Andresen" in 2000. Wonder why? Follow this link.
Phone: (413) 256-1141
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